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hesohi  New Album out May 26, 2017


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STREET DATE: MAY 26, 2017 for digital download and streaming.

           Hesohi’s new studio album is downtempo.  The first term that comes to mind is, "Trip Hop".  This music doesn’t contain the obligatory sample based sounds that usually accompany the beats in this Genre. The sound is synth-oriented, with live Guitar and Bass performances that sound like conversations between the instruments.  The idea of the "Track" is expanded and transformed into the idea of the “Composition”, in the way that one might paint a picture onto a large canvas and later paint a mural onto a wall.

          There is a feel of a producer, exploring the sensibility of Techno, at a much slower pace, and without the constraint of fitting the end result into kind some kind of format.  The songs take their time to get where they are going. 5 of the 7 songs are 10 minutes long with another ‘Are You Thinking For Yourself?', clocking in at 20 minutes.  The attention to detail provides dynamics that move the listener through the arrangement effortlessly.  The time passes in a comfortable manner. The mix is lush but "unquiet" with a good amount of “animation".

Hesohi is known fondly on the West Coast as well as the Midwest of America for making things happen on the dance floor with live House and Techno for the past 20 + years.  Now with his 5th studio LP, defines a different, 'dubbed out’ downtempo sound for the other side of the party.  

Not a departure from past uptempo Hesohi releases, but a new direction for Trip Hop, leaning on performance and arrangement and less on sampled music sources.  Conversation draws it's influences from a range of artists like:

Cinematic Orchestra - Bonobo - Art of Noise - Rain Tree Crow - Tortoise - This Mortal Coil - Four Tet - RJD2 - Nightmares on Wax - Massive Attack - Avril - Boards of Canada - Dntl - Gene Mantua

Perfect for The Work commute, the Fitness routine, the Chill Room, The art Show, Quality Time, or any other place for a Tasty beat.

#Trip Hop, #Downtempo, #Chillwave, #DeepStep, #Slow Dub Techno, #Synthwave. #Lo-Fi.

For additional information, please contact:
Lovethang Boomin’System/Hesohi Recording Company
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Liner Notes from the Artist:

Naturally, music written in the Autumn/Winter of 2016/2017, would find itself inclined to reflect a bit of the social climate of the times, but this isn’t meant to be a political statement album.  It’s just a collection of music, that is mindful of the ever changing times.

I got the notion to create an album of 10 minute songs.  Like painting a mural instead of a canvas.  Exploring Dub Techniques, Beat Smithing and Break Study, with live Guitar and Bass performances.  I also wanted to place emphasis on sound design and synth/keyboard playing as well.  

The Songlist:
Song 1:Township 
- <Hesohi - Synths/Keys/DrumProgramming - Derek Sibert - Guitar/Bass>

Song 2:Drinking Water 
- <Hesohi - Synths/Keys/DrumProgramming>

Song 3:Are You Thinking For Yourself? 
- <Hesohi - Synths/Keys/DrumProgramming/Vocals - Steve Fernandez - Bass/Guitar>

Song 4:Absence of Opinion 
- <Hesohi - Synths/Keys/DrumProgramming - Derek Sibert - Guitar/Guitar Atmospherics>

Song 5:Conversation 
- <Hesohi - Synths/Keys/DrumProgramming/Rhythm Guitar/Vocals - Derek Sibert - Lead Guitar> 

Song 6:Sun Brothers 
- <Hesohi - Synths/Keys/DrumProgramming>

Song 7:Discussion
- <Hesohi - Synths/Keys/DrumProgramming/Vocals> 

All songs were written by Douglas T. Martin except,
'Township' which was written by Douglas T. Martin and Derek Sibert

Recorded Autumn into Winter 2016/2017 

2017 Lovethang Boomin'System/Hesohi Recording Company ASCAP

Thanks to the people who have introduced me to so many beautiful songs.  I am forever on a quest to listen and learn about the world and it's inhabitants through culture and express myself with music.  Thanks to the artists who inspire and energize my spirit.  Thanks for the Family love and support.  I appreciate very much the people of this planet. Partypeople, Hold Tight.  We are gonna make it.  Everything is gonna be alright.  Stay Positive. Spread Love. Be Kind to Yourself.                  

Hesohi - Lovethang Boomin' System



aka. Douglas T. Martin 

Live House Music Performance . DJ . Producer . Composer . Keyboard Player.  

Hesohi, began performing electronic music on drum machines and samplers in 1995. 

He has maintained a steady output of performances and releases that continue to this day. He has released vinyl on 
several important early house labels and a historic recording of a live performance held in 2001 @ San Francisco's Fillmore, which was released on Compact Disc with Dubtribe Soundsystem's, Imperial Dub Recordings.

Releases include his deep tech house sound on Selekta Recordings and The People That Make the Music

and a Trip Hop Beatsmithy Mid Tempo 7" on Funktytown.  Classic releases include "To Hold You" on Aesoteric. "Havabal" on Roam Recordings and "Get This/This Too" on Viva!. as well as a series of 12" vinyl records on Imperial Dub.

Live performance has always been the focus of Hesohi. 

Hesohi delivers quality music to the dancefloor and the headspace.

The approach no longer sees the need to have a laptop computer at the center of the performance.  It has been removed all together.  The new approach is the old approach.  Drum Machines, Synthesizers, Samplers and Sequencers. Mixed Live on stage to an active dancefloor, with live vocal touches.

The music is best described simply as House Music.  It's also Techno and can be just as Bangin' as it can be Deep. Dynamics are emphasized and the sets are created organically.  Nothing is pre recorded and the sequence is composed live on stage free from any pre-destiny.

He has been a guest at many of the Sunset / Pacific Sound events held in the San Francisco bay area, and makes appearances at festivals, like Closer in Portland and OM in Toronto.  He has performed at mostly but not strictly underground events in several cities across North America and in Europe.

Once a resident of the Lower Haight in San Francisco, Ca, he has now re-located back to his origin, Canton, Ohio.  Re dedicated to the positive message in the music.  The as yet undefined Lovethang Boomin'System, are continuing the effort to "turn our friends into family", and uplift grassroots people to raise a voice, a heart and a mind for change.

 Most of all, Douglas is a very mellow person dedicated to preserving music culture. Striving to be a constant positive presence in the grassroots / underground house community.